Another Notch on the Belt for Android

Back in 2008 when I was following the Democratic Presidential Primaries and saw how Barack Obama was winning a string of primaries and Caucuses in state after state against his rivals, a political commentator on CNN said that one of the reasons Candidate Obama continues to win is because he is winning. While this may sound like circuitous thinking, there is a certain logic to this. Even in my own life, I’ve noticed that if things are going along pretty well, I’m going try just that much harder to make sure that I stay ahead. It’s almost like a self-driven inertia.

The same thing seems to be happening right now in the various operating systems that run mobile smartphones. The players that started on a down streak a year ago, are still falling in their market share. And the one OS that was rising a year ago, Android, has been tearing up the track since then for the US market share. It’s no surprise that Google’s Android was going to be a huge player in the mobile handset world when it was first released in November 2007, but its dominance over the other well established players in the smartphone market is quite a feat, as the chart below shows.

Share of Smartphone Subscribers

It should be pointed out, however, that this chart is only for the US Smartphone market, and not the overall mobile handset world market. That would be a completely different set of numbers, as most mobile phones in the world today are still the basic and feature phones.

So, is Google winning because it’s winning, like I had alluded to my earlier analogy? Yes, it is. But even when Android was the new kid on the block, it still had everyone’s attention. It’s pedigree is just too prominent to ignore.

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