Apple App Store Just Hit 10 Billionth Download

It hasn’t even been three years since the Apple iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) was first released to developers on March 6, 2008. The App Store itself was launched a few months later on July 8 of that year with the release of the iOS 2.0. From that day until today, January 22, 2011, Apple has skyrocketed to the top of the smart phone app marketplace and has just announced its 10 billionth download. Yes, that’s 10 Billion with a B!

Since I like to wrap my head around numbers and put things into perspective, I thought I would do a little math here to help me break this down a little more.

Since the launch of the iPhone App store until this announcement, 928 days have passed.
That would translate to 22,272 hours (928 days x 24 hours/day).
Or 1,336,320 minutes.
And finally, that amounts to 80,179,200 seconds.

Okay, now lets see how many apps per second are being downloaded:

10,000,000,000 apps/80,179,200 seconds
= 124.72 apps/sec
= 7,483 apps/minute
= 448,992 apps/hour
= 10,775,808 apps/day

So, every single second, about 125 users are downloading applications for either their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from the App store around the world! According to this iPhone stats pages, the average paid app that is downloaded is for $2.50. Let’s assume that only half of the downloads are paid apps and the other are free. That would be 62 paid apps per second, or a net revenue of $155/second. Apple’s share is 30% of that amount and so Apple is taking $46.50 to the bank every single second of every single day…and that’s only from the App store. Not a bad business model.

And that number is expected to grow. As was announced last week, Verizon will be getting the iPhone on February 10. Millions of more customers will be able to get their hands on the iPhone since they didn’t want to change over to AT&T’s crappy service.

In a similar vein, Apple had it’s 10 billionth song download almost a year ago on February 24, 2010. However, that milestone took just over nine years to reach since every song needs to be paid for, whereas a significant number of apps are still free.

Let’s hope this milestone gives a wakeup call to the other smartphone market stores out there. Android is doing well and should see a significant rise in 2011 as Android Tablets begin coming out to challenge the iPad for market share. Nokia’s Ovi store is also making some headway but doesn’t have the momentum or marketing that Apple App Store has.

It’s time for me to jump back into App store and start moving them towards the 20 billionth download!

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